From bead to jewelry

Like all good story, also this one should begin with ... Once upon a time... I was an active girl scout and the summer camp's theme was about american indians.


One afternoon we were shown how to weave seedbeads into bracelets and that's where it all began and stopped three weeks later.


How much patience did you have as a kid?


These little beads were always all over the place, the dog thought the weaveframe was a nice chewing toy and well it was nothing fancy, after all brazilian knotted friendship bracelets were hipper!


So I forgot about beads for a long while until I was posted into the backwoods of Nghe An province in Vietnam (2003-2005). I had a lot of afterwork time at hand and thought I should explore my creative side. So I taught myself the basic techniques through various websites and the Bead&Button magazine. 


Sometimes I just sit around my beads and rearrange them into new containers, try out new coulour combinations or simply just move them around for no good reason at all ... that's when most of the time the inspiration for a new piece is hitting and a new project is on the thread!


All my creations are unique in their way and love to be worn by unique creatures so drop by the shop and find one unique piece of beadjewelry for yourself or make another unique creature happy by offering one to her or him.


If you want a very special piece, I am also willing to make you a costum piece, check out my bead atelier.


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Urban Jungle Baobab
Urban Jungle Baobab

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Ocean Dragon
Ocean Dragon