PRAHA '09 or how I got inspired by beadpunk!

If you are interested in vintage or love how old things are set into new frames or want to own a real unique one-of-a-kind necklace, this is the collection for you!


If you are interested in the making of, I'd like to invite you to read Bead Blog.


As the collection is yet in the making the pieces will be added one by one.


4 o'clock

A play and colourful necklace inspired by the 4 o'clock afternoon tea. Don't you widh to escape sometimes like Alice to assist at the March hare's afternoon tea party!!

Material used: vintage pins, vintage watchface, pewter teapot, buttons, striped plastic beads, fabric flower, costume jewelry, millifiori glass beads, swaroski crystals, etc 

60,00 €

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Wiggle Pin Bracelet

Grab a handful of pins and a handful of beads and wiggle them together!


Although this bracelet is already owned by a special someone, a similar piece can be created as I still have a bunch of pins.

30,00 €

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The Eagles

Some of the herald depicting pins set into earrings.

18,00 €

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A unique piece relating to the love that last through all time and at all times.

Material used: vintage pins, vintage watchface, pewter pendulum, various heartshaped beads (metal, glass, plastic), fabric flower, costume jewerly, hematite beads, glass beads, delica beads

65,00 €

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This is the first piece of the new collection and it's made with the following materials: vintage pins, vintage watch face, silver earring, hematite beads, costume jewelry, textile flower, glass beads, delica beads.

60,00 €

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