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All items are unique in their own way, I won't be able to make them exactly the same but contact me, I might have some of those beads and can make you your own costum piece of unique jewelry.


Enjoy your shopping! 

Ka Bu Ver Bu Senti - Treasure Chest
Ka Bu Ver Bu Senti - Treasure Chest

Every piece includes something from Cape Verde. The items are named after places in Cape Verde, so that one day, maybe, you want to visit them?


The title of the collection is a mix of Capeverdian Kriol and Portuguese, just like the creations, like the islands, like the people ... well like everything here.


It means : You don't see, you feel.




This collection is ongoing, as long as I'm inspired and find things to be put into a creation it will continue to grow!

All year round, keep the summer alive with these colourful unique pieces:





Reine du Soleil Choker
Reine du Soleil Choker

Also on display are:

Urban Jungle Collection 

 with it's Leather stringed serie & Symbol serie


Urban Zulu Collection


as well as the


Urban Star Collection.